R230 SL500 SL55 SL600 BCM Battery Control Module, Load Stabilization Module

What is a BCM? It is used to control charging to the front starter battery and can transfer power from either battery if one battery has low voltage or more voltage is needed to start car, or alternator fails.

Do Not Buy ANY old used battery control modules!

Using a old battery control module is playing Russian Roulette with your car!

It still has 20 year old capacitors that are on the verge of failing and burning up your car and maybe your garage or home.


Do Not Buy any that doesn't have a picture of the actual PCB circuit board inside you are buying!

Almost sellers will say they don't have one and already sealed it up and can't get one.

My upgraded BCM's include:

All aluminum capacitors are replaced with proper New Automotive grade upgraded capacitors.

(Automotive grade capacitors are manufactured to handle heat, cold and vibration).

All MOSFETS are tested and replaced if needed.

Surface mount capacitors are tested and replaced if needed.

Then the BCM is tested on my personal 2003 SL500 and BCM is scanned for fault codes and proper voltage to each battery.

To help prevent BCM failure:




USE a quality battery maintainer like a CTEK battery maintainer, if you car isn't driven once a week!

Use the CORRECT MAINTAINED batteries in your car, rear consumer battery is size H6, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) only, Not a flooded lead acid battery. Front starter battery is size v4.

REPAIR any trunk seal leaks esp. by passenger hinge, water /moisture can problem and kill a BCM.

WARNING: If you have a Red Battery Warning on the dash and keep driving or leave the batteries connected you are asking for a FIRE.

Is your BCM really bad?

Is the starter battery not charging or dead? There is a 100 amp starter fuse (and 200 amp) under the passenger carpet that must be checked.

Google for F52 fuse info and pics: Dreaded Red Battery Icon - How I Fixed It

Preventive capacitor replacement service is available to help avoid failure on your used BCM, email

for more info.

Also a add on fused BCM solution is currently being worked on!

OEM Part # A 230 540 1045,A2305401045,2305401045,A 230 540 0945,A2305400945,235400945

Rebuilt hydraulic top cylinders with custom made U cup seals for R129's

I was tired of trying to find high quality seals for my three 500SL's / R129 after the cylinders were already leaking after being rebuilt in April of 2008 (Nov 2012).

After over a year of research and trying to find a manufacturer in the US, only one would quote a price @ $35.00 each seal in quantity, and could not manufacture the smallest one. Tried having manufacturers in China that ended up being a huge waste of time and money, NONE of the seals

were the correct size OR material.

I found a manufacturer in Europe that makes seals to my specifications (I have personally made very high precision parts for the Aerospace industry, and 3 out of the 4 seals are Non-standard size) out of a material that far exceeds the OEM and more than one well known rebuilder.

WARNING: No, you don't want to use some cheap ebay O-ring kit, they can't handle the high pressures, and are not made to seal moving parts.

If you have your cylinders rebuild from ANYONE, ensure they actually used the proper U-cup

hydraulic profile, and proper material (a green or blue seal will soften and fail quickly), they simply

are the only seal that can handle 2000+ psi pressures of your hydraulic system.

I have all r129 top cylinders in stock and ready to ship for part numbers:

1298001672 (2- Windshield front lock cylinders)

1298002172 (2- 9mm Rear top lock cylinders)

1298000272 (2- Main top cylinders)

1298002072 (2- Tonneau cylinders)

1298000072 (6mm Rarely used on some Rear top lock cylinders, must be checked before ordering)

1298000072 ( 2- Tonneau lock cylinders 1990 -1996, only uses 1 on left side 1997-2002)

1298001772 (1- Left top bow cylinder)

1298001872 or 1248000272 (1- Right top bow cylinder)

The line manifold/distributor above the review mirror can also start leaking P/N 1298000022, this can be confused with a windshield lock cylinder leaking!

Never, ever use any hydraulic fluid other than MB hydraulic top fluid, EVER. Unless you want to replace the pump, solenoids and lines.

Full sets now INCLUDE special pin tool to remove rear bow seal retainer.

2 sets available for r129's 12 pcs for 1990-1996 and 11 pcs for 1997-2002 96/97 must check # used

These kits are designed for Mercedes R129 years:

1993 - 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL280

1990 - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

1990 - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SL

1994 - 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL320

1990 - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

1994 - 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500

1993 - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 600SL

1994 - 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL600

I don't sell single seals, when you replace one, the opposite side usually quickly starts leaking

because it can't handle full pressure like the new one.

I can remove and replace top cylinders locally in Central Florida from my stock of rebuilt cylinders.

New and Used upgraded Mercedes engine wiring harnesses -

New harnesses are 100% new with high temperature wiring, all used OEM updated harnesses are rewrapped/repaired as needed, any broken connectors are replaced.

All new model cars from 1992-1995, some 1996 have "biodegradeable" wiring insulation that will fail. This causes all types of no-start, stalling, rough idle, limp home problems, and possibly a fire.

Starting in 1996 mercedes upgraded the wiring harnesses, this time they used high quality insulation.

Even some early 1996 OEM replacement harnesses used defective wiring!

I only sell used upgraded engine wiring harnesses manufactured after 1996, these are engineered to last the lifetime of your car. All harnesses are rewrapped/repaired as needed with broken or missing connectors replaced and checked end to end on every wire to ensure conductivity.

WARNING: They also used the same eco-junk "biodegradeable" insulation in the lower engine harness - (oil pressure gauge starts acting up),and the ETA / throttle body -contact Beckmann Tech for rebuilding.

You must check your current parts tag to order correct harness, DO NOT rely on the dealer or parts catalogs!

I usually stock the following wiring harnesses:

c280 2024407905, 202 440 7905  * has squared 4 pin connector on top of thermostat -see pic below

c280 2025404032, 202 540 4032  * has round connector on side of thermostat -see picture below

c220 94-95 2025403832, 202 540 3832 *** also have coil, trans, smog pump harnesses available

c220 1996 2024409605, 202 440 9605 1996 only, also have coil, trans, smog pump available

e300d 93-95 1244404032, 124 440 4032 *** diesel,non-turbo, very hard to find *** Available NEW

e300d 1996 only 2105405605, 210 540 5605 diesel

s350d 93-95 1405402005, 14 0540 2005 *** diesel,   glow plug harness  1405402006 140 540 2006

e320 1996-1997 2105403305, 210 540 3305

300s s320 1405401032, 140 540 1032, 1404404605, 140 440 4605 *** some s320

sl320 300sl s320 1405406932, 140 540 6932 *** some s320

e320 * 1244402933, 124 440 2933 94-95 squared 1" sensor,see pix below Available NEW!!!

300e e320 * 1244405632, 124 440 5632 93-95 round temp sensor,see pix below -not new

2933 and 7905 harness                                           5632 and 4032

has a 4 pin squared                                                 harness has a round

connector on top                                                      connector on the

of thermostat housing>                                            side of thermostat

Late 1994 and 1995                                                 housing >  

e320/300e 1245404230, 124 540 4230 Rebuilt lower repair harness, only replaces defective

Oil level/press, starter solenoid. Starter and power distribution wires are OK

* Twice in May 2014 and many times since, Mercedes dealers were WRONG on the actual wiring harness used on 2 different 1994 / 1995 e320, DO NOT rely on your VIN number for the part you need, email me for parts tag location and pictures.

400e 420 500 1244408832 124 440 8832 or 1244401906 124 440 1906

400 420 500 1405409505, 140 540 9505 or 1405401132, 140 540 1132

500sl sl500 1295407705, 129 540 7705

S600 600s 1405404705, 140 540 47 05 v12, also need 140 version of harnesses/ETA's/MAF below-

SL600 600SL -v12 Available NEW I have a new production run of some Mercedes harnesses!!!

SL600 will need the following harnesses checked to see if they are defective:

Upper engine harness 1295407105 *** All harnesses in GREEN TEXT are NEW in June 2022 !!!

Lower harness 1295402330 - check oil level / press - solenoid, battery cable should be good NEW !!!

MAF wiring harnesses 2 each 1405400081 - still available from Mercedes

ETA/throttle bodies- both sides need to be rewired or rebuilt - contact Beckmann Tech for rebuilding

Set of five Mercedes lightweight "steelie" Aluminum Wheels

W113 W121 280 SL 113 14" x 6" rims set of 5

Lemmerz 1465-3 / MB part number 1234001502

Each wheel weighs 11 pounds, which is approximately a 12 pound savings per wheel in un-sprung weight as compared with the equivalent steel wheel. Note: these wheels are the extremely rare 6" x 14" wheel (in contrast to the more common 5 1/2" x 14" wheels).

OEM Aluminum cam oilers # 1191870087, A1191870087, A 119 187 00 87, 0087

Are used to replace defective plastic oilers, Mercedes tried to save money and failed again. The end cap pops off as they age and loses oil pressure to lube the cams, The result is clicking/tapping usually no damage if replaced quickly.

I may have a set of 16 used ultrasonically cleaned oilers available, with new green HNBR o-rings.

I also have sets of 32 o-rings available for all M119 V8 engine 1990 -1998 S500 SL500 E420 S420

Your dried out green HNBR o-rings are over 25 years old, it's time to replace them!

Part # 0159973148, A0159973148, A 015 997 31 48, 3148


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